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PPL(G) Syllabus

The PPLG Syllabus is an exciting set of carefully honed elements of flying and theory that combine to bring about at exam level, a Pilot that is both skilled and safe to fly his machine. However, flying is most certainly a lifetime of learning, and we always say that passing the PPLG is only a licence to learn more. 

To help pilots  further their skills and learning experience, we operate towards furthering PPLG standard pilots into the Master pilot  skill levels. This is an unexamined sector and simply requires the pilot to take up further instruction to really get to a higher standard of control and understanding the AutoGyro they fly.

A great example would be that in the PPLG syllabus, it is unlikely you will be trained in moderate to stronger head or cross winds . But you will at some time come across these higher skill level needs in your future flying. 

To navigate these More advanced Skill level needs, it is wise to gain the flying experience of an instructor, to enhance the safety of the learning process.

This is a GCHQ speciality where we help the pilot achieve a greater skill set for his overall skills “ tool box “

Better than words alone, here is a taster video going through the revalidation of an existing PPLG pilot.

If you have questions (and you should!) … Please contact Steve to discuss.


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