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Advanced Flying

What advanced techniques you will practice

The learning process never stops in flying as the saying goes ….. and it is so true!
After passing you gyro GFT, it’s license to learn and practice and develop you flying skills up to and beyond, Master pilot level.

The flying envelope of your aircraft will be well known to your instructor, and only by taking further instruction, will you be able to develop all your advanced flying skills safely.
There are many advanced flying techniques that you can learn, that will increase your skills and make you a safer, more competent, and highly skilled pilot.
There are many examples.
One example might be precision spot landings for instance.
The need to be able to precision spot land and stop almost at once, is an extreamly valuable safety skill set to have. These are not just for fun skills ( although they are )…. They have serious purpose. On Landings for example, you may only have terrain available for a sudden emergency situation that is tiny. So having these skills then becomes a potential life saver. So fun with a serious purpose, is how I would describe most advanced flying. Landings are only one example of many that will equip you for almost any situation you find yourself in.
Call Up our instructor …. It will be money very well spent!

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